Workshops include:

  • Each workshop begins with a virtual tour of my home, using a GoPro camera for a smooth, eye level tour. Feedback from prior workshops reveals that the house tour is one of the most informative and inspiring aspects of the workshop because participants see lots of affordable, outside-the-box ideas, and learn where I buy items, and why I place furniture and decorative elements how I do.
  • Prior to the workshop each participant sends me photos of a space they’d like help with, and as a group we look at those photos together. I give ideas for each person’s space, and use that process to teach elements of design and organization.
  • I also share some of my favorite online and local resources for new and secondhand furniture and housewares.

One of the best ways to control availability of a workshop is to gather your own group of 4-5 friends.

Cloud 9 Workshops are $75 / person for a three hour workshop. Workshops must have at least 4 participants, and no more than 5.

If you are interested in a workshop but there isn’t one currently scheduled please contact me.

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