The One Room Redesign, Cloud 9’s signature service, is an eco-friendly, budget alternative to traditional design services. For far less than the cost of a new couch, I transform a designated room by rearranging, restyling, repurposing, and editing your furnishings, wall hangings, and other elements, instead of buying new things that may or may not “fix” the space.

To watch a Cloud 9 video about the magic of redesign, click here.

The One Room Redesign begins with an assessment of your goals for the space. Then we take a quick tour of your home to contextualize the relationship between the various rooms, and to “shop” for other pieces in the home that could be used in the redesigned space. Next, we dismantle the current room to provide our blank slate. And finally, we artfully rearrange and repurpose your current furniture, lighting, decorations, and artwork to transform the space.

On average, the One Room Redesign takes about 4 hours, give or take.

Cost: $375 per room


In addition to hands-on room redesigns, Cloud 9 offers general redesign support for your home projects like helping you think about how to best utilize and maximize the rooms in your home; styling bookshelves, mantels, and other decorative nooks; coaching how to break down home projects into doable steps; investigating spaces that just aren’t working but you don’t know why; figuring out where to hang wall art, including creating sophisticated groupings. Or, maybe you feel like you have a decent eye for design but crave some back-up support? Have you done some of your own legwork on picking out material samples and furnishing options but need a second opinion to finalize choices and think about how it all goes together?

Cost: IN-PERSON: $85/hr; 2 hr minimum  / VIRTUAL: $75/hr, no hourly minimum 


Cloud 9 periodically offers group workshops. (You can also gather a group of 4-5 friends to schedule your own workshop! Maybe a fun birthday present for a friend’s special birthday?) Workshops include sharing ideas and inspiration from my own home, feedback on each participants space (using photos), teaching about principles of design that can be applied to your home, and resources for where to buy new and secondhand furniture and housewares.

Cost: $75 / person for a 2.5 hour workshop. Workshops must have at least 4 participants, and no more than 5.


If you know you need specific pieces (e.g. couch, dining table, decorative items etc.) but you’re overwhelmed by infinite options, you can hire Cloud 9 for a specific time period (e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours) to research and compile options for you that reflect your style and preferences.

Cost: $65/hr

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