Cloud 9 is only offering online consultations at this time, but there’s plenty we can achieve remotely. My speciality is working with solo dwellers, and with couples. LGBTQ+ embracing. And Black Lives more than Matter.

For virtual consultation, Cloud 9 offers a sliding-scale hourly rate of $45-$65 per hour.


This is Cloud 9’s most popular service. The One Room Redesign is an immediate and eco-friendly alternative to traditional decorating services. For far less than the cost of a new couch, I transform your space by rearranging, restyling, repurposing, and editing your furnishings, wall hangings, and other decorations, instead of buying new things that may or may not “fix” the space. To watch a Cloud 9 video about the magic of redesign, click here.

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Most clients prefer the One Room Redesign service because I get my hands on your things, moving and creating until we come up with the most pleasing arrangements. But you can hire Cloud 9 to just look at your space and give you redesign ideas to implement yourself. You can also use Cloud 9 Consultation for overall space utilization and planning (e.g. which rooms to use for which purpose), or general decorating coaching.

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This service is typically used by clients who already hired Cloud 9 for the One Room Redesign, to help source a few additional pieces (furniture or housewares) after we’ve maximized use of what’s already owned. This service can also be used after Consultations to help find specific pieces that we discussed during consultation.

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Cloud 9 periodically offers workshops, which are the most affordable way to work with Cloud 9. (You can also gather a group of 4-5 friends to schedule your own workshop.) Workshops include a tour of my home for ideas and inspiration, feedback on each participants space (using photos), teaching about principles of design that can be applied to your home, and resources for where to buy new and secondhand furniture and housewares.

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