IMG_3671Interior design typically transforms a room by scrapping what’s there and consuming all new furniture and housewares. Fortunately, there’s an eco-conscious, affordable decorating alternative: interior REdesign.

Interior redesign is the art of transforming a space by rearranging, restyling, repurposing, and editing what’s already owned, with the option of adding a new (or vintage) piece or two, after the space has been optimized. Redesigning is easier on the earth, and your wallet. Plus it only takes a half day for one transformed room. Voila.

Below, check out the four minute video I made to illustrate the process and magic of interior redesign.

Then let’s make a date to redesign your space! You deserve a cozy, peaceful home. Everyone does. That’s why I offer a sliding scale fee system, and multiple ways to work together so there’s an option for every budget. This business isn’t just my passion, it’s my mission.

A loved home makes happier humans. Happier humans make a more peaceful world.

Kyle Elizabeth Freeman, Professional Nester

(P.S. All photos on this website are from my home, except the “Portfolio” photos.)

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