Interior design typically transforms a room by scrapping what’s there and consuming all new furniture and housewares. Fortunately, there’s an affordable, conscious consumption alternative: interior REdesign.

Interior REdesign is the art of transforming a space by rearranging, restyling, repurposing, and editing what’s already owned, with the option of adding additional pieces, but only after the space has been optimized. When clients reach out to me initially, they often feel overwhelmed, thinking they need a ton of new stuff. But after we maximize current belongings, that “need to get” list is reduced dramatically. Honestly, it’s kind of miraculous. Redesigning is easier on the earth, and your wallet. Plus it only takes a half day for one transformed room. Voila.

Below, check out the 4 minute video I made to illustrate the process and magic of interior redesign.

Then let’s make a date to redesign your space! You deserve a cozy, peaceful home. Everyone does. That’s why I offer multiple ways to work together so there’s an option for every budget.

A loved home makes happier humans. Happier humans make a more peaceful world.

Kyle Elizabeth Freeman, Professional Nester

(P.S. All photos on this website are from my home, except the “Portfolio” photos.)

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