The One Room Redesign begins with an assessment of your goals for the space. Then we take a quick tour of your home to contextualize the relationship between the various rooms, and to “shop” for other pieces in the home that could be used in the redesigned space.

Next, we dismantle the current room to provide our blank slate. And finally, we artfully rearrange and repurpose your current furniture, lighting, decorations, and then artwork to transform the space.

On average, the One Room Redesign takes 4-5 hours, give or take.

Cost: $450 per room*

*The One Room Redesign usually requires the help of two people besides myself, to assist with moving furniture. To save money, those two people can be the client, plus a family member / friend, or I can provide an assistant(s) at an additional cost of $100.

This 4 minute video shows a two-room redesign:

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