Cloud 9 can consult with you, as needed about how you are using all the spaces in your home, to help you come up with a master plan to maximize room layouts and utilization.

Or, maybe you feel like you have a decent eye for design but crave some back-up support? Have you done some of your own legwork on picking out material samples and furnishing options but need a second opinion to finalize choices and think about how it all goes together?

Cloud 9 does NOT offer nuts-to-bolts “empty room” design or detailed color consulting, but I do provide consultation for clients who aren’t interested in working with traditional interior designers (who manage the process for you and access to-the-trade materials), but instead want to work with a collaborator who can help you research and make decisions about retail furnishings and decorations. I can guide you in terms of general color directions for walls, but will refer you to a specialized color consultant to pick out exact colors.

Cost: $95/hr. 2 hr minimum for appointment. If your needs and our schedules allow us to go beyond the scheduled appointment time, additional time is charged at hourly rate in 15 minute increments.

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