I’ve been refining the art of space transformation since I was small, when I regularly debuted new room arrangements for my family. Their reactions ranged from “how did such a little girl move such big things?” to “this looks amazing” to “when on earth are you going to get tired of changing things around?” I never did.

In the decades of practice since, I’ve polished my ability to look at a space, from a single shelf to an entire home, and see countless possibilities for how to make it look great, feel cozy, and function optimally.

I embrace the field of redesign because it’s consistent with my mission to make space transformation financially accessible to a broader market while also respecting the environment.

A graduate of the School of Interior Redesign and a certified interior redesign specialist, I joyfully bring my understanding of human behavior (my first career was clinical social work), astute listening skills, creative problem solving abilities, and playful sense of humor to the process of changing people’s daily lives by transforming their homes, one room at a time.

Originally from Suburban Philadelphia, I’ve lived in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts since 1999. From the first day I arrived in JP, I’ve never felt more at home in a place as I do in this progressive, artistic, and diverse community. And every day I feel deeply grateful to be in easy walking distance to Jamaica Pond.

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